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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor Pixel is a completely new product, therefore we understand if you still have questions! Please take a look at our most frequently asked below, if you still have questions please reach out above.

Is Visitor Pixel compliant with data privacy laws, GDPR and the CAN-SPAM Act?

Visitor Pixel is fully compliant with all GDPR and privacy law requirements. We do recommend that you state the use of Visitor Pixel on your privacy policy page, right next to where you state the use of the Facebook Pixel, Google analytics and similar products. Lastly, the CAN-SPAM act and data privacy laws forbid you from robo calling or sending SMS messages to recently identified people without first getting consent.

How does it work?

It's simple! You sign up for an account, generate your Visitor Pixel code then install it on the website or app of your choice. Visitor Pixel will then start tracking and the possibilities are endless.

Who is Visitor Pixel ideal for?

Visitor Pixel was made by an agency intended to help agencies, businesses or large brands that are serious about identifying their audience, and maximizing their return on investment on every future campaign.

How is this different from other pixels?

The difference between Visitor Pixel and other major platform pixels is that with Visitor Pixel you are actually able to see key data about your audience and visitors. While other pixels don't allow you to see the data outside of their own platforms, locking you to stay with them.

How do you have access to the data?

We've partnered, purchased and stored data from different partners that allows us to now help you connect and identify with your visitors.

Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Yes, once we launch we will potentially be offering a discount to all 501(c3) non-profit & educational organizations.